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Flooring: Blackbutt Coastal

(Eucalyptus Pilularis Full Feature grade.)

Dark cream to pale brown in colour, Full Feature grade shows off the living history of the species with natural blemishes, gum veins and other visually attractive imperfections.

A hardwood commonly found from southern NSW to southeast Queensland, Blackbutt - Coastal is classed as a fire retardent species as per AS 3959-1999 and termite resistant as per 1684.2-1999.

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Tip: Always follow manufacturers instructions/ recommendations

When glueing timber flooring we advise a flexible flooring adhesive such as Bostik Ultraset or Sikabond T58 Wood floor adhesive.

Featured Products

  • Blackbutt - Coastal

    (Eucalyptus Pilularis)

    A hardwood commonly found from southern NSW to southeast QLD. Dark cream to pale brown in colour.

  • Tallowwood

    (Eucalyptus microcorys)

    A hardwood commonly found in the costal forests from Newcastle in the south to Fraser Island in QLD. The colour varies from yellowish brown with a tinge of olive green to distinctively paler shades.

  • Flooded Gum

    (Eucalyptus Grandis)

    More well known by its trade name of "Rose Gum" because of its soft red to pink heartwood, this species can be found from Newcastle to northern QLD.

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