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Decking: TimberTech

Less Work. More Life. The TimberTech motto says it all. Made from high quality raw materials with added UV-inhibiting pigments and a mildew inhibiting formula, TimberTech is a strong, moisture resistant composite decking that will last. TimberTech comes with a 25-year warranty!

Stocked Material Specifications

Species Grade Cover Size View
Merbau / Kwila Std & Btr 70 x 19
88 x 19
140 x 25
Blackbutt - Coastal Std & Btr 64 x 19
86 x 19
140 x 25
Ironbark Std & Btr 66 x 19
86 x 19
140 x 25
Spotted Gum Std & Btr 64 x 19
86 x 19
140 x 25
Tallowwood Std & Btr 68 x 19
86 x 19
Treated Pine Premium 70 x 22
90 x 22
140 x 33
Aussie Reds Std & Btr 68 x 19
88 x 19
Modwood   88 x 23
137 x 23
TimberTech   138 x 25
Trex - Havanah Gold   140 x 25
Trex - Island Mist   140 x 25
Trex - Lava Rock   140 x 25
Trex - Spiced Rum   140 x 25
Trex - Tiki Torch   140 x 25

*Note: Availability and sizes may change depending on supply. Aussie Reds is a mix of Red Mahogany, Grey Gum and Bloodwood.

Tip: Expert advice column

If your deck sub frame is constructed with pressure treated timber such as CCA (Copper, Chromium, Arsenate) or LOSP(Light Organic Solvent Preservative), all end cuts should be retreated with a suitable product such as Enseal, Ecoseal, Reseal etc, and all fixings should be either galvanised or stainless steel..

In Australia, the APVMA (Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Association) has recommended that the use of CCA treated timber not be permitted for use in garden furniture, picnic tables, handrails, children's play equipment, exterior seating and domestic decking and patios.

At Warringah Timbers, we stock a vast range of non CCA treated softwoods.

Featured Products

  • Merbau (Kwila)

    (Intsia Bijuga)

    A popular timber for decks and joinery because of its high strength and durability, excellent working properties and appearance from yellowish brown to dark red-brown. Merbau (Kwila) is classed as a fire retardant species as per AS 2959-1999 and termite resistant as per AS 1684.2-1999.

  • Blackbutt - Coastal

    (Eucalyptus Pilularis)

    A hardwood commonly found from southern NSW to southeast QLD. Dark cream to pale brown in colour. Blackbutt - Coastal is classed as a fire retardant species as per AS 3959-1999 and termite resistant as per AS 1684.2-1999.

  • ModWood

    ModWood products are non-structural wood composites, manufactured from a blend of woodfibre and plastic, both recycled. ModWood is child friendly as it is splinter free and requires no sanding, sealing or painting for long term protection.

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